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Readings 1 and 2 Response:

Using a grid system can be highly effective when creating an artwork. However, if not used correctly it can be the demise of your project. The grid helps you with the layout of your piece and makes it easier for you to create a well-balanced and cohesive artwork. As long as you follow design guidelines and do not stray too far away from works it should work out in your favor. However, if you try and cram stuff into small spaces or mess around too much with font size, kerning, spacing, etc. it may not work out so well for you.
It is important for us, as designers, to use principles such as the process of design, relative and absolute measurements, proportion, number sequences, the vocabulary of layout design, and zeitgeist when creating artwork. If we completely ignore these principles our work will not be as cohesive and successful as it could be if we payed attention to these certain things.

Response to Anatomy 1 Reading

After reading the first article about anatomy it really got me thinking about hidden context. Like it said in the article, at first glance the iRAQ poster appears to be just another advertisement for the oh so famous iPOD. However, after looking closely you see that it is not. It is actually "advertising" the cruel things done to detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison. This made me realize that it is very important to actually look at and interpret posters and such, because if you don't you may be missing very important details that could totally change your perspective on what the poster is actually about. Also, it is somewhat inspiring in the sense that you can take very popular advertisement forms that are already around and twist them around to mean something totally different.

Iran Reading Response

I though it was interesting how graphic designers made their work different depending upon where the work would be posted; i.e. in the rural areas, city areas, or newcomer areas. I also thought it was interesting that the schools are not providing graphic designers, but graphic artists. Their designs are tailored to being conspicuous, modern and deconstructive. They view communication as the primary principle in graphic design, which is true to many countries. I liked the quote "graphic design is a visually communicative bridge between message and audience". Western posters are directly related with western culture, however their posters are not directly related with their culture. Their graphic design should be a natural continuation of past visual graphics. Graphic design can be Iranian if it establishes a relationship with the people and their current culture.

Reading Response #3

Reading this article made me realize the sometimes in life its not about the money, but about the meaning. Your best clients may not be the ones that are paying you the big bucks. Sometimes you have to do things that mean something to your, not the projects that have no meaning to you but you're getting paid a lot to do them. When it comes to our project I think that it is a good example of this. We most likely will not win, but it doesn't matter because we are creating posters for a cause that affects every one of us and that means more than money.

RESPONSE #2: JAN. 31, 2010

After reading the article I got to thinking about how designers use colors to express different things. Each color has emotions and meanings that it brings out in the viewer. If these colors are misused the meaning of the artwork could be totally misunderstood. This is why it is important to put thought into the colors we are choosing. Also, each color has multiple emotions and meanings linked to it. We not only need to be conscious of what colors we are using, but also how we are using them. For example, red represents love, but it also represents anger. These are two emotions a person does not want to get mixed up. Thinking about the project we are currently working on I think it is important to think about what colors we are using and how we are using them. For example, if we assign purple to a certain group others may think that we are trying to say that the group is superior or royal, which was not our intentions. By reading this article it made me understand that as a designer I need to be conscious of everything I do when creating an artwork, including paying attention to colors and their meanings.

Response #1: Jan. 25, 2010

After reading the sections from the books it gets me thinking about graphic design and how even though, as designers, we work in mainly 2-Dimensional form it does not mean that we cannot make our work "appear" to be 3-Dimensional. With the computer programs and technology that we have available to us nowadays the possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to make our work visually exciting to viewers, including using materials that do not necessarily link to "art". An example of this is the billboard/poster Friends of the Earth created out of litmus paper. Litmus paper is not a commonly used thing in the graphic design world but it worked wonders at getting their message across about acid rain. Another example is Massive Attacks use of heat sensitive material. By making their product more visibly engaging it gets the viewer to look more closely at it and hopefully makes a very memorably impression. Since starting the graphic design program at UMD I've learned how to do things that are not necessarily "traditional" in the graphic design realm and after reading these articles it makes me excited to see what other things I can do.

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