September 14, 2005

There's no "I" in Team

I think that the statement, "there's no I in team" promotes what I think is the most important aspect of a team, dependibility. You are only as good as the man or women that is working next to you. I have played team sports my whole life, everything from basketball to soccer. All thourghout those experiences I would depend on my teamates to do their job and they would depend on me to take care of my job. As these relationships of dependibility grow you begin to believe in them. You begin to believe that they will never give up, always keep fighting to reach the goals of the team. This is very evident in the game of football, as those players step up to the line they have to believe that man next to them is going to give it everything he has to get that 1st down, that touchdown, or that win. When the quarterback drops back to pass there has to be no doubt in his mind that his reicever is going to catch the ball. When the running back takes the hand-off he has to depend of the offensive linemen to each do their indiviual blocking assignments so he can gain yards on the ground. When a team can depend and hold accountble every person doing their job and believe in the goals they have set to reach, only then can they reach maximum effecentancy. I hope you can understand this football example of dependibility within a team. I thought that it was the best way for me to decribe my feelings of dependibility within a team. Also another characteristic within a team that will make it effective is leadership. You can lead by example, with experience, or with emotion. Leaders could be anyone or everyone on a team. Leadership will help the team focused on the task at hand and inspire the team to stay motivated to complete that task. Overall an effective team has to believe in it's own dependibility and once every member of the team does you can over come the worst of challenges. In my field of housing studies dependibility and leadership are very evident. Since this being my first year in my major classes I don't quite know what job I will apply it to. But as i look at my father's contruction company I see noticeably how teamwork is appiled. On the contruction site of one of his custom homes there is a team of subcontractors that depend on eachother to put together a house piece by piece. I hear my father all the time say "building a house is like putting together the pieces of the puzzle, one piece will make ya or break ya." He once told me that it took him a long time to find subcontractors to work for him that he could depend on. Once he could complete that team atmosphere within his buisness he finally started to make some money. To build the kind of houses that only "A TEAM" could build.

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