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Advice on the sophomore experience?

It's hard to believe that the Class of 2009 has nearly finished its first year of college.

That's quite an achievement--if you're the parent of a current freshman, you know that this year has brought many new experiences and lessons, not only for your student, but most likely for you as well.

While the upcoming sophomore year may not seem quite as momentous, it will also be full of new experiences.

Parents of students who are currently sophomores (or juniors or seniors), what advice do you have for parents of next year's sophomores at the U?

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I found that my student needed to find his major on his own. We didn't pressure him about establishing a major and yet he found what he wanted before entering his sophomore year. I think this is somewhat unusual. This is still a year for exploration and trying to decide what is expected of them once they zero in on the major. Once a student has decided it seems like they relax and look forward to their new part of the college pursuit.

Our daughter changed her major during November of soph year. It seemed to be somewhat stressful for her to tell us that she wanted to do something else. We both remembered changing majors in college, more than once, so we forgot that it was such a big deal. It seems that once it was out in the open, the stress came from not finishing on time, or leaving friends she had made in her smaller major, etc. She finally realized with some career guidance help at the U that she was quite normal and needed to do what she wanted to do not what she had chosen as a junior in HS!!