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Increasing numbers of college students seek counseling

according to a recent national survey of directors of university counseling offices:

The number of college students seeking help for severe mental-health problems on campus is increasing, according to a University of Pittsburgh survey.

The 2005 National Survey of Counseling Directors also found that 95 percent of directors said more students arrive on campus already taking psychiatric medication.

"It seems that more people are being medicated for more reasons and earlier," said Jaquie Resnick, director of counseling at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

James Cox, director of the counseling center at the University of Pittsburgh, called it a national trend, but said, "I am not seeing a lot of people who are coming to us already on medication but didn't need to be on it."

Read the entire Associated Press story.

University of Minnesota students are offered counseling through both University Counseling and Consulting Services and Boynton Health Service.