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Parent shares video of 2006 Move-in Day

University parent Doug Weber, from St. Louis, sent us a link to a slideshow video he made during Labor Day weekend this year, as students were moving back into the residence hall.

We like the video so much, we asked Doug's permisson to post the link here so we could share it with visitors to the blog:

Our daughter, Kim, is a sophomore at U of M this year, majoring in medical technology. Our other daughter is a freshman at the University of Missouri.

No matter how well prepared you are - and you need to be well-prepared - moving your child into college the first time around is both hectic and strenous - physically and even more so, emotionally. Between moving in and shopping for last minute items, the weekend becomes a blur and in what seems like a blink of an eye, you're saying good-bye to your child. I'll never forget giving her that last hug, realizing that this was the very last time I would hug "my little girl" for the next time I'd see her, she would have turned the chapter into adulthood.

Fortunately, not only are the subsequent moves far less stressful, this year Kim volunteered to assist during Move-In weekend. As a result, we were able to move her in on Friday, ahead of the crowd. This afforded me the chance to explore and take pictures on a gorgeous Saturday morning, getting lost in the majesty of the campus, watching the rest of the world move in and savoring the satisfaction of knowing our job was done!

Here's a link to the video slideshow.

Send us your photos or videos of your trips to campus--we'd love to post them here.


Dear video parent,

Thanks. I haven't been able to get time to come up for a weekend to walk the campus myself after dropping off my 1st year graduate student in August. You've allowed me see the campus by video.

Regards, Mark