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Students opt for substance-free living in Middlebrook

This fall, 13 undergraduates, a community adviser, and a U-Crew peer member signed a contract to forgo the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs while living in the University's first Substance Free Living & Learning Community. The group has been supported by educational and social programs presented by Boynton Health Service and by community advisers.

From today's Minnesota Daily:

Susan Stubblefield, assistant director of Housing and Residential Life, said the new community gives students a chance to live in an environment which supports their decision to refrain from alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

She said University housing officials had been looking at other campuses that have similar substance-free communities for some time, but didn't begin planning the new community until September 2005.

"Over time, we have gotten requests from students that they would like to live in a substance-free community for a variety of reasons, so we started looking at options," she said.

The substance-free community was originally planned to be in Middlebrook and Pioneer halls, but after a majority of the students requested to live in Middlebrook, housing officials dropped Pioneer, Stubblefield said.

Pioneer Hall will be added next year if more people sign up, she said. She expects the community to grow next year as more students hear about it.

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