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Students propose extra study days before exams

The Minnesota Student Association will be considering a proposed resolution supporting two extra study days each semester to allow students to prepare for their final exams.

From the Minnesota Daily:

As the University continues its transformation toward being a top-three public research university, it's important to realize how small steps in the right direction can help affect the entire outcome. Although a prestigious institution should be rigorous, there are small changes that the University of Minnesota administration could make to help students cope with the pressures of attending a competitive university. A primary example of one of these small changes is inserting two weekday study days before finals into the academic calendar.

Over the past five years, University tuition has increased drastically, making it almost essential for students to find part-time jobs to pay for the rising costs. Taking on part-time employment steals away needed study time and causes students more stress. In addition, many students are highly involved in athletics, on-campus clubs or even volunteering - trying to round out a résumé so the competitive job hunt can be a little easier. All of these activities can really eat away a student's time and drive.

And, let's not forget how important time is during finals - when jamming regular work hours, extracurricular activities and final exams, worth sometimes more than 50 percent of the class grade, can really take a toll on already stressed-out students.

As the University strives for excellence and each incoming freshmen class' scores increase, exams are going to become more difficult than ever. This added two-day break would create the needed ingredient to allow students to do their very best. This measure can truly help students cope with the added stress of finals and reach their full potential - to show their true ability and why the University decided to admit them in the first place.