Backstage On Broadway Questions


Based on the eReserve Readings, post a comment with your full name for each of the questions listed below.

How long has Broadway been home to theatre to New York? Why do you think it has been so successful, especially when they're are so many more entertainment choices available?

What impact do you think society has on the kind of plays and musicals that are staged on Broadway?

Why do you think original productions (as opposed to revivals or adaptations) have such a hard time being staged?

Backstage On Broadway Readings

Prior to going to New York City each TH 1040 participant is required to read two articles dealing with Broadway theatre, and then comment on them via this blog. The articles are titled "How Broadway Conquered the World" and "Broadway: The Great American Musical".

To access them go the Briggs Library home page: Click on Electronic Reserves and then choose "Bremer" in the drop-down menu under "Course Reserve Pages By Instructor". Click on "TH 1040". Type in the password provided to you.

Read the articles and then post a meaningful comment under the Questions blog entry by March 7th.

Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content.

Recent Comments

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