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December Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who took part in our December Asking the Big Questions discussion. We had a great conversation about population and restoring the Earth (chapters 7 & 8). Check out this website on steady state economic theory.

Have a great break and we'll see you on Thursday, February 12th when we discuss feeding people and designing cities (chapters 9 & 10). Our guest speaker will be Cheryl Contant, UMM Vice-Chancellor For Academic Affairs and Dean. As always, Plan B can be read online at book.

December Reading: Chapters 7 & 8

Join us on December 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Briggs Library McGinnis Room as we discuss poverty, population and restoring the Earth. Due to the busy holiday season and end-of-the-semester schedules we will forgo our usual guest speaker and spend more time discussing chapters 7 & 8 from Plan B 3.0. Social time with refreshments and cookies begins at 6:30 p.m. Didn't have time to read the chapters? That's okay. Come anyway, listen and be a part of the discussion. Haven't been able to make it to a discussion before? No problem. Participants are always welcome. Check out Plan B 3.0 online at Book.

Can't wait for the next discussion or missed our last get-together? See the fascinating PowerPoint that Don Reicosky, a Soils Scientist from the USDA Soils Lab, presented to the discussion group in November. November PowerPoint. There is also a though-provoking PowerPoint presentation from UMM Biology professor Pete Wyckoff, our October speaker, which challenges our notion of peak oil and provides a clear and concise summary of the science of climate change. October PowerPoint

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