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Vikings Update

Five turnovers and one costly penalty made sure that the Vikings didn't advance to their first Super Bowl in over 30 years. Still, no one ran the wrong way after an interception or punted on third down (both real events at Viking Super Bowls from the 1970s). Favre got us close, but in the end he became just another victim of his own mistakes and fellow teammates. The Vikings curse remains. About the only way to lift it is to let Zygi Wilf sell the team to Los Angeles. Hell, they already have the Los Angeles Kings.

Painful as it is let's face facts. The Vikings are never going to win a Super Bowl. The team name itself is based on a illiterate Swedish farmer who forged a runestone and convinced the gullible that Viking explorers were in West Central Minnesota. It's time to wake up and choose reality over illusion. Maybe we can eventually get an NFL expansion team. My vote would be for either the Minnesota Blizzard or Minnesota Skitters. At least we'd be honest with ourselves.


Really good blogpost! I take it that you will not be writing anymore until after the holidays? I hope you have a good one!

Ok, I'm going back to my movie! Miss you all! XOXOX