Laurie McGinley (M.Arch) Heads to San Salvador

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Laurie McGinley.jpgLaurie McGinley, an M.Arch graduate and student in the M.S. program in Sustainable Design will present findings collected as part of her third year graduate design studio "Contested Terrains" at the 28th annual ELEA conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.

McGinley is one of nine students selected to present a paper on her research. She is the only presenter at the international conference for Latin American architecture students from a university in the United States.

McGinley's research examines the endemic urban sinkhole condition in San Salvador as a potential opportunity to migrate Salvadorans to more sustainable water use habits in their homes and places of employment. She will gather additional information while in El Salvador to complete her M.S. thesis, Sinking MASS: readily adaptable sustainable design for the masses.

Sinking Mass.jpg

Read more about McGuinley and her work on her blog.



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