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HHMI Teaching Postdoctoral Positions

Redesigned HHMI Teaching Postdoctoral Positions (openings for 4 postdocs who want SERIOUS experience in teaching and educational research)

We have refined our HHMI Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow program and are looking for applicants who could start in Spring. Please see the link below for detailed information. The requisition number is 175382.

The College of Biological Sciences (CBS) received a four-year HHMI grant to improve undergraduate education by ensuring that all students who take introductory biology courses have opportunities to participate in authentic research. The HHMI grant focuses on transfer students and non-science majors. The grant has three specific aims:

1. Enhance the research experiences of transfer students to promote their retention and graduation in a scientific discipline
2. Provide research experiences to non-science majors to improve their scientific literacy
3. Develop new research courses and experiences for transfer students

By working closely with CBS faculty, HHMI Teaching Fellows will help us achieve these goals by designing, evaluating, and publishing results of curriculum projects including:

1. use a video database of lion behavior as the basis for incorporating research projects into a non-majors biology course
2. use ongoing Minnesota Mississippi Metagenomics data and resources to provide authentic research experiences for non-science majors laboratory
3. incorporate active learning lecture strategies and inquiry-driven lab activities in a non-majors biology course
4. incorporate inquiry and research-based labs for a human biology course for non-majors
5. incorporate authentic research into the biology and evolution of sex course for non-majors
6. develop an inquiry-based lab for a global environment course
7. obtain and incorporate human intestinal metagenomic data and bioinformatics tools to provide inquiry and research based active learning lectures for human biology (Biol1010) and microbial ecology courses (MicB 4121) .
8. transfer student research seminar courses

We would like to hire at least four HHMI Teaching Fellows who could select a project and start work on it by early spring. (Based on applicant interest and expertise, other curriculum topics could be developed.) Depending on the candidate, the grant can provide from 25% up to full-time support, thus accommodating postdoctoral fellows who wish to continue work on research projects in their discipline.

To prepare them for this work and support their efforts, HHMI Teaching Fellows will receive training on the principles of scientific teaching as well as how to conduct educational research. In addition, they will gain experience and expertise in pedagogies that include inquiry-based approaches and teaching in active learning environments.
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