A Quality Focus Group or Not?

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This video features a focus group that asks people their opinion about packaging for salad dressing. In the focus group, the people are asked to describe what features of the different bottles they like and dislike. In addition, they are asked if they would be willing to switch brands of dressing depending on the packaging that is used. Lastly, they are asked how much money they would be willing to spend for a better bottle. All of this research yields clear information that would be very useful for an advertisement campaign. By highlighting the features on your brand's bottles that people tend to like, there is the possibility of converting individuals to your brand.
There are some good and bad aspects of this focus group. One positive aspect is the number of people speaking. There is not a single person that is dominating the discussion and there are not people that are reluctant to voice their opinion. Most of the questions were open ended but some were yes/no. It is okay to use these types of questions, but as we discussed in class, it is important that the questions are not too simple. If they are they do not provide insight.
One negative part of the focus group was the lack of discussion between participants. It simply consisted of the participants answering the moderator's questions. Discussion between the participants can often lead to the most helpful insight. In addition, there was a lack of elaboration on some of the answers. The benefit of human interaction is that this elaboration can easily be gained if the moderator asks for it. Despite these things, it seemed like an effective focus group. It simply could have been improved.

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