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This is a survey that is being used for an honors thesis by a student in the College of Food and Natural Sciences. It can be assumed that the survey was emailed to all University of Minnesota students. Before even taking the survey, there are a few things I noticed. First, the survey will consist of open ended questions. This is atypical, but certainly not unheard of for surveys. By having open ended questions, the person giving the survey will have to review the questions for a lot longer since it is qualitative information rather than quantitative. However, all of this information can provide more insights into the beliefs people have about bottled water.
Another thing to note is that there is a promise that the information given will be anonymous and participation in the survey is voluntary. These two pieces of information are very important as far as the ethics of the survey are concerned.
Lastly, there will be a drawing for Target Gift Cards for respondents. This is a clear attempt to increase response rate with an incentive.
After taking the survey, I don't have many additional observations. It was just filling in answers for some open-ended questions. Only one of the questions was poorly written. It required people to list how many times they have had bottled water in the last month. This is a piece of information that would be really hard for a lot of people to remember. Other than that, there were some well written questions in the survey.

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