Focus Groups as a Career

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In class, we focused a lot on focus groups. As we talked about, focus groups--when conducted properly-- are a good way to gather qualitative information for marketing research. As I have been reading about focus groups, it has become apparent that many of the participants are often paid to be in the focus group. I stumbled upon this story about a person that made a career out of being in focus groups and I wanted to share it. It raises some glaring issues with focus groups.
Basically, this story is about a guy that would blatantly lie to be selected for focus groups. Since he had participated in so many, he knew all the proper ways to answer the recruiters' questions for focus group selections. He claims that recruiters for the focus groups would believe anything he said and wouldn't verify any of his information. Consequently, he has always been selected for focus groups. That also means the information he provides is totally false and not useful for the companies running the focus group. So, this simply provides us with the question, what can companies do in order to ensure that their participants are actually worth the money they are spending on them to participate in the focus group? According to the author, there really is no way for the companies to check that you are an actual customer. The only thing they could check--but rarely do--is how many groups you have participated in the last six months. It poses an entire new challenge for conducting a quality focus group.

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