Google Analytics and Privacy

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I was surprised to find out that in Norway, it was being debated if Google analytics should be outlawed. Several officials in Norway said it should be illegal because of the infringement on privacy. The two main complaints against Google Analytics are that collected data is not anonymous and Google does not exclusively deal with analytics so they shouldn't be allowed to give these analytics to "other Google Services." I must admit, I understand the concern for personal privacy. The second complaint does slightly confuse me though. I think Google should be allowed to use analytics even if they have other services.
Web analytics are already a controversial subject. Some people feel that you should have to opt in to have your web traffic tracked. Currently, people have to opt out if they don't want it tracked. Due to this ethical question, it will be interesting to see not only what happens in Norway, but what implications that result could have for Google Analytics moving into the future. It really highlights the debate of personal privacy and public information.

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