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Recently I was sent an email to participate in a survey that was intended to measure many aspects about student life as a college student. It was sent to my University of Minnesota email account and was conducted by an outside company. Before taking the survey, there were some observations I made regarding it based on what we learned in class. First off, it is a survey that is being sent by email. Really, it is simply a convenience sample because it is being sent to the email of college students across the country. They are simply hoping many people respond. As a result, this is non-probability sampling and the results should not be generalized to the entire population of college students. There is also a clear tactic being employed in an attempt to increase response rate. There is a random drawing and 30 respondents win a $50 gift card. It also addresses in the email that the questionnaire is totally voluntarily and completing it is granting consent. This is important because as we mentioned in class it is vital that people are aware they don't have to take surveys. The introduction of this study displays many of the concepts we discussed in class.

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