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This is an article regarding a medical related survey that was conducted. The results claimed that non vaccinated children are actually healthier than vaccinated children. When I read the headline, I was immediately very skeptical about the results. It was my understanding that modern science has proven that vaccines are very effective preventing disease. I thought it would be interesting to read the article and find out some specific details about the process the survey went through.
Upon reading the article, my suspicions were confirmed. This article only gives details about the resulting statistics of the survey. It does not provide any information about the process that was taken to administer the survey. In addition, there is a serious lack of information that states who the respondents of the survey were. Lastly, it includes no information about the questions the survey contained. There is no way of knowing if there were poorly worded questions. As we know, a poorly worded questionnaire can lead to highly inaccurate information.
In order to be generalizable to a larger population, the respondents need to be properly selected so that they are actually representative of the population. In this instance, there is no evidence that this occurred. Consequently, the credibility of this study can be dismissed, at least until more details surface.

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