Websites Instead of Focus Groups

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This article proposed an interesting idea about focus groups. It claims that because "of online testing, web analytics and CRM data" marketers can gain more valuable insights simply by analyzing internet use rather than having focus groups. It argues that focus groups are likely to have biased feedback. As we talked about in class, this is always a possibility with focus groups. People are sitting in a room with the other participants so their responses are not anonymous. In addition, there is the possibility that participants will influence each other's answers. When people are a computer, anonymity and peer influence are not issues so there will be more accurate information presented. This does make sense, but there is also some importance in direct human interaction for marketing. A moderator can clarify anything for a focus group participant. Also, sometimes hearing the direct words of a person to understand their opinion is the best way to gain insight. If a company never had focus groups it would lose that important knowledge.

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