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International Blog 9/10

On the international front, CNN and the Associated Press ran extended articles on former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as he is set to return from seven years of political exile for tax evasion and treason to reclaim his old job after growing tensions with the current prime minister.

The majority of CNN's article reports on Sharif's departure for Pakistan and the anticipation for natives, including the arrest of 2,800 protesters. The rest of the article profiles Sharif explaining the reasons for his exile and the events that caused the exile to be lifted while fueling his desire to return.

The Associated Press covers the story from different perspectives. It starts in the same fashion as CNN describing Sharif's preparation, but finds relevancy with the United States by informing that Pervez Musharraf received monetary funding to combat Al-Qaeda. The AP goes further with information that another Pakistani exile, Benazir Bhutto, is also planning to return.

Interestingly, neither organization lists any attributes or sources regarding Sharif's conviction of tax evasion and treason.


Associated Press