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International Blog 9/17 Thai plane crash

Dominating the international headlines today is a plane crash in the island of Phuket in Thailand, killing 87 of 130 people on board. Dozens of European tourists were on a One-Two-GO carrier as the aircraft attempted to land against heavy rains and strong crosswinds, then caught fire after its crash landing. Phuket was one of several regions hit by the Asian tsunami in December 2004

As this is a breaking news story, CNN covers the crash using a direct lead followed by information from multiple sources. The story is heavily supplemented by witness accounts, including one who landed in the same airport five minutes before the crash and from survivors who described the chaotic situation inside the plane. The story ends with a couple tidbits of information regarding the airport where the crash happened.

The Associated Press also has a hard news approach with a direct lead. Their report does contain some statistics of past airplane crashes in Thailans, listing the Phuket accident as the deadliest in that country since 1998. The AP ends their story with a segment on how Asia's booming airline industry has often been overshadowed by a series of wrecks in recent years.