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International Blog 9/23 Italians missing in Afghanistan

Two members of the Italian military have been reported missing and believed to have been abducted after crossing a checkpoint in the Haret province of Afghanistan, according to the Italian Defense Ministry.

The Associated Press uses this piece of breaking news as an introduction to ongoing problems with kidnapping in Afghanistan. Not much is said about the two missing soldiers, an indication of the distance from the United States to where the story takes place. They also use the soldiers as a transition to the overall violence plaguing Afghanistan, describing a major battle that took place where the two soldies were last seen, in the Shindand district.

BBC News published a shorter story on the subject, but had the same amount of detail on the kidnapped soldiers as the Associated Press. They also focus on the insurgency issues in the Shindand district, although it was mostly attribution to an Italian Embassy official. Following the inverted pyramid format, the article ends with a short sentence on Italy's military presence in Afghanistan.