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International Blog 10/28 Argentina

First lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner swept to victory in Argentina's presidential vote on Sunday to become the first woman elected to lead the country, television exit polls showed. Fernandez will win the election without a runoff if official results confirm she has 45 percent of the vote or 40 percent with a margin of victory 10 percent or above her closest competitor.

Reuters uses a standard lead, supplementing it with details about the election and describing the frenzy that took place at her campaign bunker. The story continues in an enterprising fashion with other news related to the election, followed by a chronological time line of Fernandez's path to the presidency.

The Associated Press begins their report in the same fashion, but adds a quote from an informal source (one of Fernandez's public supporters) and capture her elation with exit polls declaring Fernandez the victor. Both outlets make a point of Fernandez growing up under Argentina's dictatorship from 1976-1983 and why it makes her victory special. She says that she grew up where no one could say anything. Finally, the AP ends with a factoid about Argentina's electoral process: all 27.1 million registered voters are required to cast a ballot.