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International story 10/21 Cheney calls Iran an obstacle to peace

Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday described Iran as an obstacle to peace in the Middle East and said the world could not stand by and allow it to develop a nuclear weapon as he spoke with a forum organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Reuters uses a direct lead and waits until the third paragraph to show its find from fishing for Cheney's "quote nuggets". They do so to summarize recent U.S. rhetoric against Iran in the second paragraph. In this enterprising story, after quickly briefing Iran's stance on nuclear development, the article details Cheney's criticism of Syria, accusing the nation of interfering with Lebanon's attempt to elect a new president. All the sources used in the story are from the United States.

The Associated Press decides to quote Cheney in the second paragraph and refers to the organizers as the Washington Institute for Near East Studies (Policy is the correct reference). The AP sticks only to Cheney's stance on Iran, ending this inverted pyramid with recent activity from Congress, mentioning a resolution that passed in the Senate to label Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.