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International Story 11/11 Italians riot after soccer fan shot dead

A police officer accidentally shot and killed a soccer fan Sunday while trying to break up a fight between supporters of rival teams. Enraged by the killing, hundreds of fans rioted in Rome.

The Associated Press uses a direct lead for this story with its much darker tone. After the first block of information, observation supplements the lead, illuminating the magnitude of the riot with local Italian media outlets. The victim isn't named until halfway through the story, but they do give readers a slight glimpse into who he was, along with a quote from his brother after he found out about the incident.

Soccer is also a big deal in the United Kingdom, although the BBC didn't waste time with the obvious. In a contrast to the AP article, the victim is named in the first paragraph, a practice usually not used with reporting in the United States. Before elaborating on the victim and what caused the accidental shooting, the BBC reports on the violence that broke out before and after the victim was killed.

Both sources provide very descriptive details of property and people that were attacked during the riots, painting a very brutal scene in Rome and Milan.