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International Story 11/18 Ukraine mine blast kills dozens

A methane mine blast in Ukraine Sunday has killed at least 63 and left 37 missing at Donbass coalfield. It is believed to be one of Ukraine's most serious accident since its independence from Soviet rule in 1991.

Reuters' Lina Kushch uses a direct lead and follows with a description of the scene. The article doesn't focus on the accident alone, Kushch then reports on the president's criticism of the Ukraine government before supplementing more information on the main idea. After elaborating on survivors' accounts and the likelihood of finding the missing alive, the pyramid's tip ends with background on the safety of Ukraine's mines.

The Associated Press also uses a direct lead. The specific location is identified later in the story, along with the number of people who were in the mine at the time of the explosion. Statistics are then used to highlight the dangers to Ukraine miners, about three die for every million tons of coal brought to the surface, followed by a report to increase coal energy production.