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International Story 11/25 Chess legend arrested for protest

A judge sentenced chess legend Garry Kasparov to five days in jail for organizing an unsanctioned procession Sunday. Kasparov's coalition, Other Russia, has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin for turning the country into a dictatorship. Kasparov believes the government is trying to harass him.

CNN wastes little time getting Kasparov's side of the story, one of his quotes makes the fourth paragraph after a set-up paragraph by the writer. It then follows with an explanation of just what is happening in Russian politics: Putin, who was elected twice, cannot run for president again, but many feel he will retain power in some form. The article ends with a United States perspective from the spokesman of the National Security Council.

Clifford Levy of The New York Times doesn't mention Kasparov's arrest until the second paragraph, instead giving a broader picture of the situation in Russia to put in the lead. There is a more thorough explanation in the article on Russia's affairs, reporting on Putin's popularity that has been aided by Kremlin control of government agencies and news media. However, interviews with sources are not very plentiful, although an opposition leader is quoted in the story. The overall tone suggests that Kasparov's arrest was only one branch of the main news value.


Although the articles come from different prospective the fact that both acknowledged Kasparov and his goal is important. It seems we have had several radical thinkers in the chess world and not all were treated as kindly