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International Story 11/4 Europeans freed from Chad

Seven Europeans, including three journalists, who were charged in an alleged plot to kidnap African children for adoption arrived in Paris on Sunday after French President Nicolas Sarkozy held emergency talks in Chad.

CNN runs an in-depth report in a hard news style. In fact, they presented so much information on the issue, including the number of people still in custody on charges of the operation, that no people are used as sources until the fifth paragraph and no one is quoted until the 10th paragraph. The story continues on other areas of concern, including whether the incident would affect relations between the two countries.

Across the Atlantic, BBC begins the story with a direct lead, simultaneously observing what took place when the plane carrying the released Europeans stopped in Madrid. No quotes are used, but that doesn't stop the BBC from viewing the story under a different microscope. A Paris correspondent reported that French television was showing footage taken by one of the journalists, saying the film implied that the charity organization charged in the case concealed from local people and authorities its intention to fly children out of Chad.