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International Story 12/2 Venezuelans reject Chavez's referendum

In a fiercely contested referendum on Sunday, voters said "No" to reforms that would have scrapped term limits on Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's rule, given him control over foreign currency reserves and boosted his powers to expropriate private property. About 51 percent of voters voted against the referendum as more than nine million of Venezuela's 16 million registered voters went to the polls.

CNN goes with a direct lead, mixing quotes from Chavez throughout the story, only getting one quote from the opposing side. Details on what Chavez did and observations, including thousands of people who gathered to sing the country's national anthem, make up the bulk of the story. The article ends explaining how the referendums would have affected power in Venezuela had they been approved.

Reuters reported their version of the story in a way not often seen in articles; their lead is almost split into two paragraphs. The first simply states that voters rejected Chavez's referendum, the second gives more details about when and what happened. Like the CNN story, Chavez remains the main news value for the duration of the article, ending it by informing readers that despite the defeat, Chavez still holds enormous power in Venezuela.