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International Story 12/9 EU ministers debate Kosovo's future

Kosovo remains a province of Serbia, but ethnic Albanians are threatening to declare independence once a deadline posted by the United Nations passes. Ministers from the European Union will meet to discuss its future and NATO will keep its 16,000 troops to deter any clashes.

The BBC uses a direct lead and follows an inverted pyramid format, spending most of the story on the recently failed negotiations and reporting on a previous flare-up three years ago as the BBC mentions the myriad of plans from foreign ministers regarding Kosovo's status. In the final news bloc, Iran's nuclear programming, an unrelated issue, is also reported.

Middle East news outlet Al-Jazeera also uses a direct lead, but uses it to report an assertion from Russia that the deadline is not a binding one. The first news bloc then follows the same direction as the BBC version. Al-Jazeera, when quoting sources, also uses partial quotes more frequently than other outlets, often mixing paraphrasing with a quote. The majority of the Al-Jazeera story focuses on the effort to make Kosovo an independent nation before the pyramid style directs readers to highlight which EU members fear recognizing Kosovo as a nation.