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Local Story 1 12/2 Pipeline explosion kills two

Two welders were killed Wednesday in an oil pipeline explosion in northern Minnesota. The cause is still yet to be determined, but the explosion isn't expected to affect oil prices, although crude oil did rise $4 on Wednesday before fears were settled.

An Associated Press feed was brief, a quick surface story going over the most vital details of the case. The lead begins with an update on the news and then recapping what occurred on Wednesday before elaborating on further details about the section of pipe that will be investigated.

Scott Goldberg of KARE-11 emphasized his story on the victims who were killed, reporting it as something that can't be repaired. A few paragraphs are spent reflecting on the victims from Enbridge's vice president (Enbridge owns the pipeline) and one of the victim's father before shifting focus to how oil prices would be affected in the explosion, tailoring the story where people not related to the victims would be impacted.