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Local Story 1 12/9 Chisholm woman killed in Colorado shooting

A 26-year-old Chisholm woman was killed from a gunshot wound at Youth With a Misson Center in Arvada, Colorado. Another person died and two more were killed in a separate shooting in Colorado Springs. An investigation is underway to see if the two are related.

Julianne Olsen of KARE 11 wasted no time developing an obituary style story for the 10:00 news, where an anecdotal lead featuring the aspirations of Tiffany Johnson, the Minnesota woman who was killed. Olsen gets a lot of information about Johnson despite only talking to one source and breaks her story up with details on the other victims in the Arvada shooting.

The Associated Press stuck with a direct lead on the Arvada shooting before briefly reporting on the Colorado Springs shooting. After using the first main news bloc, two more supplement the story. The first was a description of the gunman and reports from people who talked to students at Youth Wish a Mission Center. The following news bloc goes into the obituary style that Olsen composed for KARE-11.