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Local Story 2 12/9 Vikings win fourth straight

All the scoring happened in the 1st half and Adrian Peterson was held to three yards rushing on 14 carries, but the Minnesota Vikings got the job done with a 27-7 win over the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, forcing five turnovers.

Beat reporter Kevin Siefert uses an anecdotal lead and discusses what he believes are two groups of teams that emerge as the season comes to a close. Some interviews with Vikings players and head coach Brad Childress are used, but the article is more of an analysis describing the transformation of the Vikings since they were 3-6 four weeks ago.

There were also two Associated Press feeds of the game. The first was a short piece where the key plays were reported, very much like a highlight reel on newspaper. The second was more of a mix between reaction and reporting, although neither article interviews anyone from either team. A detailed breakdown follows the main news value in the second AP article.