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National Story 12/9 Oprah seeking to lift Obama

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey joined Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on tour Sunday in South Carolina as Obama competes with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

Although Oprah's support could bring the South Carolina primary to a dead heat, Clinton leads Obama in the polls, the main news value in theAssociated Press report of the story was Obama's remarks towards his audience. The article is developed in the style of covering a speech, where observations on the mood of the crowd, estimates of crowd size and anecdotes from speeches made by Obama and Winfrey occupied the first half of the article. The second half of the story examine's Winfrey's feelings about going on the campaign trail.

Reuters uses more of an anecdotal lead to drive the story with its main news value reporting predictions on black voter turnout in South Carolina. Obama is not attributed until a few paragraphs later. Both articles interviewed a speech attendant, but the Reuters differed by interviewing an institutional source after introducing data showing Clinton's lead has shrunk in the last few months.