The budget and its relevance to our class discussions

There was an article in the New York Times about how Obama is working to freeze much of the domestic spending of the Federal goverment. Though there will be an increase in financing of education and research, there will be a decrease in spending in such things as the Army Corps of Engineers and NASA. This is relevant to the discussions we have been having in class because of the comments made by Tocqueville and Lipsett when they analyzed American values. They generally tend to view the pillars of these values to be lassez-faire, liberty, egalitarianism and more. The schism in the United States between the political parties is that in which the Democratic party wants to use the value of egalitarianism in a sense of improving the equality of education and using the government as a tool to expand the economy through research, yet begin minimizing the role of the government in other, more "unnecessary" areas of investment, while the Republican party is arguing that budget cuts are minimal, playing on the lassez-faire values of Americans.

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