December 7, 2004

Fantasy links

If you have any questions about a player (injuries, who to start) I recommend this site... They publish who to start stuff all week and fairly reliable. However, you need to be registered as a member but its free and you can cancel the e-mail junk they send. I also go to and the stats link where we can find out about defenses.


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More Fantasy Q's

This the last week before the playoffs and there is only one playoff spot not clinched. If I win and the other guy loses then I can still make the playoffs by points. Last week I scored the week high and have won three in a row. Luckily, I took a chance and started Hasselbeck. This week I play the league leader. My only real problem is at wide reciever again. I will probably start Reggie Wayne again but I don't know whether to start Isaac Bruce, Joe Horn (who had a big week last week), or Derrick Mason. Horn plays @ Dallas, Mason plays KC, and Bruce plays @ Carolina. Any ideas? Also, how about at quarterback? I got Vick against Oakland, Hasselbeck @ Viks, and Lord Byron Leftwich against Chicago.

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November 30, 2004


I've played fantasy football for six years now with some buddies from high school. However, I'm now on the verge of my worst fantasy football season thus far. I've been cursed since draft day. I drafted flops like Travis Henry, Marshall Faulk, Mike Vick, and Matt Hasselbeck. Would you believe I'm starting Michael Pittman at running back right now? I do have a strong wide reciever core though; Joe Horn, Derrick Mason, Reggie Wayne, Isaac Bruce, and Marcus Robinson. I never know which wide reciever to start each week and could use some help again this week. Right now I have Reggie Wayne and Derrick Mason starting. Also, I started Mike Vick the last couple weeks, with success, but he faces Tampa Bay. I also have Hasselbeck and Lord Byron Leftwich. Which do you think? If you have common concerns and want advice make a posting!

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