August 31, 2007

Hypothesis & Thesis Statement v.1.2

For the first day of class on 9/4 we are to have written hypothesis and thesis statements. The following is my first crack at it. I welcome any thoughts or comments you might have.


I returned from studying in Biloxi, MS encouraged by the work dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina I participated in and observed. I was encouraged to see architects and designers offering their services to people who would not usually be able to afford those services yet were in need of them. Returning to Minnesota, I did not know where to look to find an opportunity to do a similar type of work. I began to wonder what a humanitarian practice of architecture for those unable to purchase design services would look like. Questions began to surface such as: How does one go about forming a practice around this idea? Who will the client be? Who will fund the projects? Can the current model of practice be used to this end or must a new model be made? The peoples of the world have many needs and problems for which the skills of an architect can be of assistance in reliving, yet it seems that the general practice of architecture serves those needs in a piecemeal way at best.

Thesis Statement:

The praxis of architecture should provide design services to those who, though unable to pay for them, need assistance meeting their basic human needs.

And so it begins. I see that these statements need some expansion and refinement. Enjoy the long weekend and check back for updates as I refine these statements and begin exploring the topic in earnest.



August 30, 2007

Getting Started

Classes start next week and with them the cumulation of my education thus far as I begin working on a Master's Thesis. It sounds grand, but mostly it will be a lot of work: researching, writing and designing. I think that it will be fun nonetheless. For those of you who are interested, keep checking in over the next nine months or so, as I plan on using this blog to keep anyone who is interested updated on my progress thought the process.