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Census provides temporary employment

The Census provides temporary jobs that currently boost the job market for unemployed U.S. citizens.

As reported by the Associated Press, census workers make up one third of the jobs added to the market in March.

"Over the next two months, another 600,000 to 700,000 census jobs will be added, putting $10 to $25 an hour into the pockets of some desperate job seekers," the Associated Press reported.

Although these jobs only last through mid-July, they are still beneficial in providing income to families.

"It comes at a good time because you're transitioning from an economy that's slowly recovering to sustainable growth," said John Canally, an economist at Boston-based LPL Financial. "This is a good patchwork until then."

Overall, the census paychecks won't be a prominent staple to the economy.

"The government has set aside $7.8 billion to conduct the census. That pales compared with last year's stimulus package of $862 billion,'' the Associated Press reported.

Still, the jobs add some financial relief to people who are in dire need of any source of income.

"Census to the rescue," said 24-year-old Cierra Edwards of Toledo, Ohio. "I was so far behind. Rent started stacking up, bills, diapers."

Woman brutally beaten in bathroom of NYC bar

A woman was brutally beaten in the bathroom stall of a New York City bar early Thursday morning after rejecting a man's advances.

The New York Times reported that the man burst through a stall door and began savagely attacking the woman, beating her as he tried to remove her pants. She fought back, and was able to avoid being sexually assaulted-- but not before the man broke her nose and one of her eye sockets, leaving her unconscious and sprawled in a pool of blood.

The victim was found by her friend who assumed that she had just fallen, and had the bartender to go across the street to a firehouse to get help.

Later when the victim regained consciousness, she told staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center that she had been attacked as reported by NBC New York.

Demetrios Haas, 69, owner of a neighbor bar saw an assembly of news media. He reported to the New York Times, "I'm surprised this happened here", Haas said. "I've been here for 22 years. This neighborhood made a very big improvement from what is used to be like, but lately there's been a decline. A week ago a kid got slashed after school right her on Eighth Avenue, and now this. It's not good for the tourists, and my business is already down with this economy."

The Star Tribune reported that a police security camera near the bar's entrance captured images of the man afterward walking down the sidewalk and looking at his hand -- an indication it might have been injured during the attack. The department released the footage on Thursday in hopes of identifying him.

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