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High School football game cancelled after car crash

WCCO.com reported that 17-year-old Christopher Miller was killed in a car crash on Thursday around 9:30pm. Kare11.com said two other students from the same school were injured as well. As a result, his Red Rock Central High School forfeited their football game Friday night against Buffalo Lake Hector.

Kare11.com did not mention the death of Miller, only that he was airlifted from the scene of the crash and taken to North Memorial hospital where he is in critical condition. As a passenger, he was not wearing a seat belt as the car flipped when driven off the road.

Both sources said the driver was distracted from driving at the time of the accident.

WCCO.com says the 16-year-old driver and the other 17-year-old passenger were sent to Springfield hospital where they were treated with minor injuries and released.