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OJ Simpson trial is finding jury members

The Star Tribune reported that finding jury members for the O.J. Simpson robbery-kidnapping trial is proving to be easier than expected. People guessed it would take weeks to narrow down a final jury but all members should be selected by Friday or earlier. It is currently down to 40 potential jurors and will be reduced to a jury of 12 with six alternative members.

On the other hand, ABC news says 20 out of 248 prospective jurors were released from duty due to their influence on Simpson's previous trial. A prospective female juror said, "I think as far as the first trial, I felt he got away with murder." She claimed this opinion would not influence her ability as a jury member but when formally questioned she revealed ""I can't be 100 percent sure."

Both sources say Simpson is being charged for kidnapping and armed robbery after stealing products from two sports memorabilia dealers when confronted in a hotel room. He is said to be partnered with C.J. Stewart and both have pleaded "not guilty".

ABC News says: As of Monday, 65 prospective jury members are still waiting to be questioned. The names of the potential jury members are being kept confidential and can only be identified by numbers in court.