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Non-consistent Dow

Both CNNMoney.com and WCCO.com reported on the extreme changes on Wall Street's Dow Jones. CNN reported more on the constant fluctuation and WCCO focused more on how this is the worst week for the Dow in 112 years.

WCCO was more negative and continually mentioned how much the Dow dropped within the week. Both sources mentioned President Bush's involvement but WCCO focused much more on his statements. They also discuss the involvement of other countries and how we can work together to create a turn around. At the same time, critics worry this plan is going to really hurt taxpayers.

CNNMoney talked more about finding a bottom for how low the stock market can go. They compared today's status with past year's low points. Many major companies are continuing to suffer even though the recent bailout plan was approved by congress, which should buy bad debts from banks.

The topic of loans and oil prices were also discussed. Loans are much harder or impossible to get at the moment but oil prices hit a 13-month low Friday. This is due to the slowing economy having a smaller demand for oil.