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Vice Presidential Debates

Both ABCnews.com and the Star Tribune reported on the Vice Presidential debates Thursday. The Star Tribune showed an article from the New York Times and it was very short. It simply covered the manner that both Palin and Biden conducted themselves during the debate and a few points each candidate made.

ABCnews.com was much more detailed on the stance of each candidate. Both sources said each candidate focused any harshness on the presidential candidates rather than each other. Biden said he has experience being the single parent living in middle class and McCain cannot relate.

Palin appeared more confident and composed than in recent interviews but based on a poll released Thursday, 6/10 Americans said Palin did not have the experience required for the job and were less likely to vote for McCain because of her. She did not always answer the questions from moderator Gwen Ifill of PBS.

The debate ended with each candidate providing very different definitions of their roles as Vice President.