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Barbara Bush recovers after surgery

The Star Tribune and CNN.com reported on the recovery of former first lady Barbara Bush after surgery. The Star Tribune said she is in good condition after undergoing laparoscopic surgery for a perforated ulcer. She has been moved from the intensive care unit to a patient room. She was hospitalized Tuesday after feeling abdominal pain. Surgeons closed an almost 1.5 centimeter hole caused by the ulcer. The surgery went well and Bush was in high spirits during recovery, even telling the doctors jokes. She is expected to be in the hospital until next week.

CNN.com said she will not be allowed to have food by mouth for about a week to avoid stretching her abdomen area. Former president and husband George H.W. Bush stayed with her Thursday morning until he had to leave for a Thanksgiving dinner with his son. It is suggested that the ulcer might have been caused by anti-inflammatory medications but after a biopsy it is benign.