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California Same-Sex Marriage Ban?

California's highest court sanctioned same-sex marriage five months ago and Tuesday, depending on voting outcome, that could be removed. The Associated Press says there is a vote option for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Mayor Gavin Newsom said "As California goes, so goes the nation." It is predicted that this race will be close because some don't think we can survive with the redefinition of marriage. $69 million has been put into campaigns both for and against Proposition 8. This is the most intense and social issue fight ever seen in America probably because we rarely ever see existing rights on the ballot.

TwinCities.com told the story of Tom O'Hare who hadn't planned on getting married in October but when he heard about threats of removing the privilege, he decided to marry his partner of 30 years. Many gay couples are rushing into marriage out of fear that this would be their only chance. A poll shows 49 percent will likely oppose gay-marriage and 44 percent are in favor and 7 percent are undecided. Some people say gay marriage helps boost the economy because it increases the amount of money spend on weddings.