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Congo Crisis

CNN and MSNBC reported on the Democratic Republic of Congo's struggle with violence and the lack of military aid from the U.N. CNN said there has been an increase in incidents of forced labor, rape, and widespread brutality in Congo and there does not seem to be any urgent action being taken to help although this is an urgent situation. Fighting began at the end of August between the government and rebels led by Gen. Laurent Nkunda. The cause goes back to tensions from the 1994 slaughter of ethnic Tutsis by Hutus in neighboring Rwanda. There have also been 997 cases of cholera from early Oct. to early Nov. The U.N. is not able to stop the violence and there has been a request for 3,000 troops to the province. Approximately 800,000 people have already been driven from their homes and sanitation conditions are very poor. People have lost everything.

MSNBC says the U.N. finally provided help by providing food for thousands of hungry and homeless people on Friday. More than 100 tons of food were going to 50,000 civilians. Many civilians don't feel safe anywhere though