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Hilary Clinton Secretary of State?

The Star Tribune and ABC News had very different angles on the possibility of Hilary Clinton becoming the next Secretary of State. The Star Tribune used the angle of how American women felt about Hilary Clinton going from a powerful independent position as a New York senator to working for a more powerful man. They noted that Clinton has decided to accept the position as of Friday evening. It is considered to be a costly triumph. "Secretary of state is far superior to vice president because it's involved in continuously solving problems and making policy..." Gloria Steinem said. The overall consensus was that she was 1 in 100 as a senator but as secretary of state, she is more important. n It is good for women in America they say.

ABC news said Clinton told the Obama Team on Wednesday that she was going to reject the secretary of state offer because "she wanted to remain her own master". On Thursday Obama's team tried to convince her to take the job and she admitted she was interested by Thursday night. Although details are being worked out, but it looks like Clinton's nomination will be announced after Thanksgiving.