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Police Chase leads to DWI and injuries

WCCO.com and The Star Tribune reported on a police chase on Thursday. The Star Tribune said the chase began in Crystal at about 2 a.m. and ended in Golden Valley where the driver rolled his car after hitting a curb, a stop sign and a large park sign. The driver had serious injuries and was taken to North Memorial Medical Center. The chase began when Crystal police tried to pull the driver over for a violation. No one else was injured but it is unclear why the driver fled.

WCCO.com said the man was driving about 100 miles per hour when he flipped his car and crashed. The chase lasted a few minutes. The unidentified driver is 44 years old and he is suspected to have been drinking. A witness said she saw 14 police cars and the ambulance take the man away. They also went into the history of crashed on Thanksgiving weekend. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety said 23 people die in car crashes and more than half are alcohol-related. The night before Thanksgiving is one of the most popular nights to drink because people come home for the holidays. Due to this fact, extra patrols are placed in the Twin Cities metro area to help keep those who drank too much off the streets.