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Reporter found dead; husband under arrest

The covered a story on the reporter who was found dead in her home on Wednesday at 3:15 a.m. The Pioneer Press says the Ruth Anne Maddox worked in Shakopee as a reporter and did not show up for work one day. She was found dead and her husband was immediately arrested with "suspicion of probable cause of homicide." The couple was in the process of a divorce filled by Ruth and it looked like a settlement would be reached by the end of the week. There was an incident of violence a year ago but Ruth did not think divorce would involve extreme violence.

The Star Tribune says Ruth decided to live under the same roof as her husband until the divorce was final because she did not want to leave her pets behind. She was reported missing on Tuesday so police went to her home. They did not get useful information at that time so they came back with a search warrant and found the body.