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Same-sex marriage banned after election results

The Los Angeles Times and CNN covered Tuesday's election, where California, Arizona, and Florida voters could decide if gay marriage should be legal or banned. Proposition 8 was passed meaning gay marriage is now banned in California, one of the only states that had it legal in the first place. The LA Times reported on how supporters of gay marriage are outraged. Co-chair of Proposition 8 Frank Schubert suggests that supports of gay marriage should get the public to support it more but they have not. There is still a large number of people who believe in traditional marriage only. One man says he dislikes that people are gay but likes the individuals themselves. One woman was interviewed by CNN who said she was thankful for living in Canada where she has all her rights and doesn't want to talk about them anymore. She also didn't understand how people could elect a black man as president and could outlaw gay marriage at the same time. Only 52% of the population supported Proposition 8 but apparently that was enough to enforce the ban.