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UMN student thows fit after being fired from KSTP

The Star Tribune and WCCO.com reported on the University of Minnesota student who worked for KSTP as an intern. Upon her being fired, she acted outrageously. Jennifer Anato-Mensah is accused of chasing after an executive producer and screaming obscenities. She also kicked out and shattered a window in a conference room door in an attempt to get to the producer. The Star Tribune says she has been charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct by Ramsey County District Court. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 30. Danielle Prenevost was the executive producer that told Anato-Menash she was fired. Prenevost tried to walk away after Anato-Menash told her, "You don't know where I'm from, I'll mess you up." Prenevost went to a nearby conference room where Anato-Menash followed her and proceeded to kick at the glass door. The cost of repairing the window is $150.

WCCO adds she was fired because she did not understand the concepts of a TV newsroom and she didn't have enough experience. This event occurred on Oct. 13.